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Welcome to IndustroTech



For the past decade IndustroTech, Inc. has been in the relationship business of keeping your business running efficiently and with an minimum of downtime. We pride ourselves in taking personal ownership of the equipment we service. We want to know our customers on a first name bases, but more importantly, we want to earn the trust and loyalty that makes great relationships.
We can not be everything to everyone, in a perfect world those conditions could be met, but we live in Reality Ville; machines breakdown, electrical systems fail, wrecks happen, stuff get shredded that shouldn't get into the system, oil gets hot.
Our job is still remains to support our customers with the most current technology available, a 2000 sq ft. of parts inventory, a machine shop, welding facility, paint facility, fabrication and reassembly shop, all located in our 7000 sq shop located in North Fort Worth.
Our factory trained and factory supported Technicians have access to current Machine Technology, whether your needs are HMI Interfacing Issues, PLC Issues, the fabrication of obsolete or no longer manufactured parts or a complete revamping of systems. We are here to solve your problems, effectively, quickly, completely and with a sense of urgency that is rare in this industry. In short, Customer Service is our Business, not a clique, but a real belief that drives us to complete Service Call quietly, efficiently, and cost effectively.