About Us

IndustroTech was founded in the 1994 to address a need for technically qualified construction tradesmen to work in the local paper mills, chemical plants, and heavy industry in the DFW area. In 2002 we began a metamorphosis that expanded our reach into the recycling and medical waste industry.

When we identified a need in the market for specialized shredding machine service, we met that need. We decided to broaden our business model to include all types of shredder, baler,and related rebuilding and equipment repairs.

Exemplary Service

During the past 14 years, we have worked to establish a reputation for exemplary service. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to most service conditions while providing quality products that customers can rely on. Our group is strives to accomplish this within whatever time frame the customer has given, no matter how extraordinarily short that time frame may be.

We have assembled one of the best-trained factory service groups in the South. These multi-disciplined teams are capable of taking on complex projects,and manage the process from beginning to end. From the initial idea phase, through engineering and design, and on to fabrication and final installation, our group is there to make a difference.

Unique Solutions

At IndustroTech, serving you, the customer, is not just "lip service." Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a normal part of our daily regime.

Our "outside of the box" approach allows us to present ideas and solutions to problems that may otherwise go unexplored. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and specific situations in order to offer the most cost-effective, practical, and expedient solution, whether it be a repair, new design or modification of an existing system.